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We collaborate with our clients to achieve sustainable and measurable performance improvements through your people. We facilitate a work environment or culture that enables continuous improvement and sustained excellence.

We partner with you to achieve productivity improvements through teams, at all levels. Our role is not to run courses or perform other activities that your internal people could do better. Rather, we work with you to achieve the highest levels of organizational effectiveness, resulting in sustained bottom-line improvements.

We are experienced, implementation specialists.

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Sacher Associates specializes in providing measurable and sustained productivity improvement. We achieve this by implementing the 10 essential components and systems of team performance to provide a totally integrated performance solution.

Does your organisation have a unified sense of direction? Is your strategic planning system being effectively implemented? Do you have a performance measurement system that allows for role clarity, the acceptance of responsibility, and genuine empowerment? Is your performance management and appraisal system driving continuous performance improvement and controlling variation? How effective is your communication, and are people being recognised and rewarded? Are your employees productive and do they experience the highest levels of job satisfaction? Does your organisation experience total stakeholder satisfaction?

We implement the 10 essential components and systems of team performance to achieve the above. Nowadays they can be implemented virtually and are covered in our five core in-house or online learning courses and in our consulting projects. Each approach is a stand-alone pathway, yet together they form a formidable performance improvement system for gaining sustainable advantage through people. These courses together comprise a holistic approach recognizing that organizational success cannot be achieved by tinkering with one or other component.

Sustained success can only be achieved through a totally integrated approach.

Nowadays we offer a complete online training and consulting service utilizing technology to provide cost-effective and custom-designed performance solutions


Monty is passionate about business improvement using teams. Through his workshops he ensures there is a consistent and unified sense of direction. He also ensures the team goals are aligned both horizontally and vertically. Monty is unique in his ability to work at all levels of the organisation, but some of his best results are at the grass root levels where the actual work gets done and where the biggest productivity gains can often be found. Monty is a change agent and his systemic approach ensures changes are embedded in the organisation and have long lasting positive effects.

John Hall

Managing Director, Ricoh

Monty is an organisational and management expert. I do not use this word lightly. What he doesn't know about Change Management and the role of Culture in developing successful business outcomes is not worth knowing. He has written a book on the subject and has delivered increased productivity and profits in some of Australia's toughest work environments. Regularly reviewed in BRW, Monty has passion for what he does and it is positively infectious.

Gene Stark

CEO, The Marketing Network

Generally our department has a much more unified sense of direction and purpose which is a vast improvement on the way things used to be. It is now very easy to measure, plot and graph our performance by individual, team and section as a whole. We all work smarter. We discuss things more. More operators want to be developed and show commitment and enthusiasm - a new level of consciousness has developed. The process has benefits way apart from just bottom line. And what's what has kept me admiring this man, his style and ways of thinking.

Dennis Sparrow

Plant Manager, Michell

Following a Sacher Associates project, customer satisfaction with service, as measured by an independent external organisation, improved from below average to equal number one, out of 18 regions. This level of performance was sustained for 15 months.

Doug Christie

General Manager, Mountain District

The business has been set a different profit target and the continuing economic downturn, resulting in reduced revenue, reinforced this situation. The business was able to meet its profit target and return and 11% improvement on this target which, in financial terms, amounts to several millions of dollars.

John Grundy

Human Resources Manager, South Eastern Power

Sacher is now considered on of the world's leading lights when it comes to managing performance in organisations.

The Corporate Manager

This is what we need; consultants who tell us HOW to solve our problems.

Joe Allen

Mossman Central Mill Co.

Monty Sacher is a quiet achiever in the engine rooms of top companies, improving planning, productivity and performance. Sacher works from basics. His approach is steeped in common sense and practical solutions. His is a 'no frills', 'warts and all' approach to unlocking potential of people which enables the unique strengths of a business to be enhanced and its weaknesses overcome. He believes performance and quality solutions come from the detailed knowledge known only to workers and managers at every level.

However, Sacher's method is a disciplined, systematic approach drawn not only from years of practical experience across a wide range of business types, but also from an intelligent and detailed knowledge of business theory. The two combine in a powerful mix and a simply constructed, workable performance improvement system.

Di Sullivan

The Skills Centre


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