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Our processes are aimed at engaging employees at all levels of the organization including the workforce. Employee engagement and workforce development are a fundamental focus of all our organization development projects. Specifically, we try to create an environment conducive to participation, trust, teamwork, empowerment, leadership, personal growth, and pride in performance.

The role of the leaders is to develop a unified sense of direction and create the environment necessary for a continuous improvement system and a performance culture in line with company values. The focus of our work with management is on getting their commitment and on setting specific project goals. The emphasis of our projects, however, and the bulk of our time, addresses the team leaders or supervisors and the workforce. These levels are where the value is being added and are essential to the achievement of sustainable and measurable culture change and productivity improvement initiatives.

A typical project is implemented in the following stages:

  • Information Gathering (includes project planning and preparation)
  • Stage 1 Leadership team (top team in target area)
  • Stage 2 Team Leaders or Supervisors
  • Stage 3 Core Workers (where most of the work is done)
  • Stage 4 Follow-up, anchoring and the establishment of audit systems
sacher project stages table

We all work smarter. We discuss things more. More operators want to be developed and show commitment and enthusiasm. The shift supervisors are now less "hands on" but more committed to the development of their teams. We have been able to introduce some unpopular ideas because the cost savings were agreed to by all operators. The Supervisors (and most operators) are more professional - they realise the training of their operators and themselves is essential but must be carefully planned and conducted - they're committed to discuss and consult and give up power - they know what they get in return. There is no going back - a new level of consciousness has developed.

Dennis Sparrow

Plant Manager, Michell


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