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1. Solid Track Record
Sacher Associates performance systems have been in use throughout the world for over 25 years. For example, 70% of Australia's top 100 companies and thousands of government organisations, and businesses of all sizes are using Sacher Associates consulting services and/or our publications.

2. Proven Results
Endorsed by some of the world's top companies and validated by published real-life case studies and examples in large and small companies as well as government entities.

3. Cross-Industry
Underscored by universal principles that can be applied to any size organisation in any industry.

4. Technology and Accessibility
Nowadays we offer complete online training and consulting services utilizing technology to provide cost-effective and custom-designed performance solutions. Online access to our expertise and training. Books, EBooks, workbooks, surveys, eLearning, tools and technology. Consulting and training support provided anywhere in the world.

5. Practical
"How to" approach, in plain English, (no jargon), easy to understand implementation guides, tools, training and technology. Easy to use because they contain quality standards, checklists and guidelines for implementation, as well as common pitfalls.

6. Organisational Experience
Associates have vast hands-on experience in implementing organisational performance systems in over 25 countries and cultures and across many industries.

7. Robust
Underscored by solid, theoretical basis, industry standards and the practical experience of thousands of organisations.

8. Customised Content
Rapid turnaround of customized and organization-specific material tailored to your needs.

9. Support on the job
Sacher Associates are available to provide support and assistance to your inhouse people, at any time. In addition, a team of dedicated facilitators, consultants and trainers are also at hand.

10. Guaranteed
Performance Improvement using the Sacher Associates step by step approach can be guaranteed.

Nowadays we offer a complete online training and consulting service utilizing technology to provide cost-effective and custom-designed performance solutions


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