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What do I do on Monday morning?

What do I do on Monday morning?

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Publisher: Independent Pubs

Author: Harold Monty Sacher

Format: Paperback

Pages: 300

Size: 148mm x 105mm

Released: 15 August 2007

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What do I do on Monday morning is a daily guide to achieve organizational success and is the newest productivity publication from Sacher Associates.

Monty Sacher, Director of Sacher Associates and author of 5 productivity books including the bestselling Performance Measures Applied, has spent 25 years of consulting experience attempting to answer this question, and much of what he has learned is contained in this Book. 

What do I do on Monday morning? has been designed as a daily reference guide for improving the organizational performance of businesses, using Sacher Associates systems. Starting with January 1, What do I do on Monday morning? lays out a template for performance improvement in sequenced and practical daily actions and advice. It can be read as a book and then used as a daily reference tool. It is designed to sit on a desk as an ongoing reminder of what is needed to keep the business on track. 

This book was written to encourage individuals, teams, small to medium businesses, and  large organizations, to focus more time, attention and energy on  team performance and people management. 

Sacher Associates has identified what we call the ten essential components of team performance:

  1. A unified sense of direction
  2. Strategy
  3. Outputs and performance measures
  4. Targets
  5. Performance feedback
  6. Communication
  7. Training (skills/knowledge)
  8. Systems and processes
  9. Structure and job design
  10. Reward systems.  

While it is true that organisations are always working with these components to some extent, this is not enough. What really matters is the degree to which these components are  being successfully and permanently entrenched in the work environment or culture. Success means different things to different people – job satisfaction, job security, more money or an ideal life style.  Whatever success means to you or your organisation, it can only be achieved through team performance, executed one day at a time. 

The secret to greater productivity is getting the basics right. For us, this means achieving the highest standards of excellence possible on all the components across all the teams in your organization. If you are not currently at that level, there is a definite opportunity to improve performance through the better implementation of these components.To assist you on this journey, this book offers 25 years of practical, consulting experience and advice, in a flexible, digestible and affordable manner. 

So let’s begin with what you do on Monday morning. 

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