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The performance-linked learning system

A successful learning system must be planned and aligned with other functions within the organization. Any learning plan must be used in tandem with budgetary and planning systems, and aligned with the overall targets and goals of the organization. Our performance-linked learning system is based on an analysis of organizational goals and the development of integrated and prioritized learning solutions to provide the competencies required to achieve those goals.

Benefits of a performance-linked learning system

The following are some of the benefits of a performance-linked learning system:

  • It ensures learning is directed to increasing the overall performance of the organization, as well as satisfying individual training needs.
  • It ensures that learning is a direct response to: Who in the team needs which competencies, and in what order, for the team to achieve its targets?
  • It ensures that learning provides a planned, integrated and prioritised solution to a performance problem which has been systematically analysed against overall organizational goals.
  • It ensures that learning is focused on contributing to profits, savings and financial benefits.
  • It contributes to the organization’s continuous improvement system.
  • It contributes to a sustainable competitive advantage by ensuring the right competencies are in the right place at the right time.

Training and development for results

  • Sacher Associates delivers performance capability, not just learning and training.
  • Learning is directly tied to improved performance.
  • Strategically aligned: Learning is directly tied to team, departmental and organisational goals.
  • The Sacher Associates Training Division has a proven track record in delivering training programs using a variety of delivery methods to optimize the learning environment and deliver positive outcomes. These training methods range from online self-service ELearning programs to instructor-led onsite training workshops. Our training programs have been tailored specifically for various customer segments: Large SME, Public Sector, Utilities, Transport, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Mining, Banking.
  • In addition, we offer customized training specifically tailored to clients needs, as well as licenses to utilize and adapt our training materials, including both online and hard copy.

Leading edge technology organisational experience

Sacher utilises the most technologically advanced e-learning software development tools available to ensure:

  • Development effort is cost effective.
  • Client costs are minimised.
  • Rapid time to market of customised content tailored to client needs.
  • Reduced Development and Implementation Risk through the use of proven e-learning tools, and under direct program management.
  • Optimal deployment of resources to ensure rapid return on investment.
  • Flexible choice of learning management system (LMS) through open architecture.
  • Rapid development of integration points to client internal systems, such as learning needs analysis systems, key performance indicators, balanced scorecard systems, feedback and communication systems, operational/transactional systems, employee relationship management systems, knowledge bases and data warehouses.
  • Modular development approach to allow for easy, cost effective future modifications.

Organisational experience

  • Utilisation of enhanced learning techniques. Developers have formal university qualifications in learning and training, and are tightly networked with global learning forums and partners.
  • Over 20 years of individual global experience, successfully implementing learning and training programs across a wide cross-section of industries and government entities. Sacher Associates has over 20 years of proven experience in this area.
  • We form partnering arrangements with other courseware providers to utilise their capabilities, where appropriate, allowing for the option of a single point of contact with Sacher Associates.
  • Cross section of industry experience.



Sacher Associates’ theory and applied certificates provide practical education and job-related education for your employees.

Facilitator/Instructor training

Accredit your in-house facilitators with comprehensive training on Sacher Associates' performance systems.


Purchase a site licence and deliver the full suite of Sacher Associates' materials to your employees.

Our Clients:

BHP Billiton
TXU Energy
Australian Defence Force

Why choose Us?

We collaborate with our clients to achieve sustainable and measurable performance improvements through your people. We facilitate a work environment or culture that enables continuous improvement and sustained excellence.

We partner with you to achieve productivity improvements through teams, at all levels. Our role is not to run courses or perform other activities that your internal people could do better. Rather, we work with you to achieve the highest levels of organizational effectiveness, resulting in sustained bottom-line improvements.

We are experienced, implementation specialists.