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We offer complete online learning and consulting services utilizing technology to provide cost-effective performance solutions

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Effective KPIs and Performance Monitoring Masterclass

Delivered as a live in-person public workshop over 2 days.

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We specialize in measurable, rapid and sustained productivity improvement.

Results: Manufacturing & Processing Industry
Results: Electricity Distribution Industry
Results: Mining Industry
Results: Safety, Logistics, Manufacturing, Electricity Distribution & Industry
Results: Electrictiy & Power Generation Industry

We achieve this through a total and integrated performance improvement system. The essential components of team performance are the elements strongly evident in all high-performance teams. The better developed these components are the better the team's performance.

To assist you with achieving these results, we offer a range of online learning and consulting services utilizing technology to provide cost-effective performance solutions.

Other examples of VILT, (Virtual, Instructor-Led Training), online, in-house and public workshops

Workshop group in Republic of Maldives

Workshop group in Bahrain
Workshop group in Jakarta Indonesia

Workshop group at HQIADS, Butterworth, Malaysia
Workshop group in Victoria Australia

Workshop group at the China National Petroleum Organisation

Customer Results

Some results our clients achieved from published client case studies include:

  • Man-hours per Unit down by 23.5%
  • Unified sense of direction amongst team leaders up 14.4%
  • Time customers off supply 241% improvement
  • 30% improvement in sick leave
  • Time lost due to accidents 322 to 33 days
  • Time lost due to industrial disputes down from 250 to 15 days
  • Dividends paid to owners increased by $130 million over a 5 year period
  • Operating expenditure reduces by 23% over a 5 year period
  • 97% of stakeholder responses indicated a high level of stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Job Satisfaction up by 75%

Tailored Workshops

Online and in-house workshops

  • Practical custom-designed in-house and online workshops
  • Cost per attendee can be a fraction of that for a public workshop
  • Develop, own and understand the performance systems
  • The workshop offers could include our online learning courses
  • We come to you either in person or online or both.
  • Fixed cost so you know what you will pay.

Workshops can be tailored to:

  • The level of your team/department/organisation (for example, for more senior teams we could provide pre-work)
  • Mix and match systems to meet your needs (e.g, mixing business planning and performance measurement is popular)
  • Include examples relevant to your own industry/situation
  • Pre-work, which is optional, involves doing some theory and application tasks prior to the workshop.

Why Our Workshops Work

  • Our in-house and online workshops are personalised and custom-designed
  • We facilitate, but each team develops its own system resulting in commitment and ownership
  • Gain the tools to standardising the system throughout your organisation
  • Organisations learn how to implement the processes and systems and continuously improve
  • Lessons can be applied to organisations in all industries
  • Our experienced, specialist facilitators have worked in several countries and industries
  • Organisations benefit as the processes are practical and experience-based
  • Tried and tested published books and materials that have evolved from hundreds of workshops and consulting assignments.
  • A fixed cost value for money proposal ensures there are no surprises and,
  • The cost is less, the quality is better because of the focussed nature of an in house or online workshop.

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