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Masterclass: Effective KPIs and Performance Monitoring

Sacher Associates Masterclass


Our E-Learning Course on how to optimise productivity through effective KPIs and Performance Monitoring management.

Receive Three Free Books as part of the Masterclass

In the Effective KPIs and Performance Monitoring Masterclass you will learn:

  • What is Best Practice and how is it achieved.
  • Understand how to measure, implement, and benchmark the essential performance systems.
  • Be able to identify stakeholders and the outputs, measures and targets that will enable the team to develop a balanced scorecard to achieve total stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Clarify the roles of each team member.
  • Know how to implement performance monitoring and effective communication systems.
  • Know success guidelines and pitfalls to be avoided when implementing KPIs and Performance Monitoring
  • Have developed an implementation plan to achieve measurable and continuous performance improvements after the training.

Our Clients:

BHP Billiton
TXU Energy
Australian Defence Force

Who is Monty Sacher?

Sacher is now considered one of the world’s leading lights when it comes to managing performance in organizations.

The Corporate Manager

Monty Sacher is an internationally known organisation development consultant specialising in improving performance in a variety of organisations.
Projects have included work with Globally listed companies, Governments, the Military, and medium to small organisations from a wide variety of industries. He has worked with and improved the business outcomes for entities in over 25 other countries. He is the author of eleven books on organisational effectiveness.

Clients have included dozens of global organisations including Mobil, BHP, ABB, Coca Cola, Toll and Willis Towers Watson.


Monty Sacher, one of the nation’s foremost business consultants, is a quiet achiever in the engine rooms of top Australian companies, improving planning, productivity, and performance.

Di Sullivan (The Skills Centre)

Some results our clients achieved from published client case studies include:

  • Man-hours per Unit down by 23.5%
  • Unified sense of direction amongst team leaders up 14.4%
  • Time customers off supply 241% improvement
  • 30% improvement in sick leave
  • Time lost due to accidents 322 to 33 days
  • Time lost due to industrial disputes down from 250 to 15 days
  • Dividends paid to owners increased by $130 million over a 5 year period
  • Operating expenditure reduces by 23% over a 5 year period
  • 97% of stakeholder responses indicated a high level of stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Job Satisfaction up by 75%




Our Clients:

Willis Towers Watson
NSW Police Service
Victorian Government

MASTERCLASS Course Outline


Introduction and Session One
The Big Picture

  • The 10 essential components and systems for effective KPI and performance management.
  • 10 Essential Components Team Performance

Session Two
Productivity, Technology and Performance

  • What is systems theory, productivity and performance improvement, and how are they achieved?
  • How to establish a best practice culture for technological innovation
  • The big pitfall
  • How to improve productivity


Session Three
How to define results and KPIs or measures

  • Why output orientation is important
  • A framework for developing and implementing KPIs
  • Accountability matrix
  • The performance management system
  • Operational plans
  • Exercises, examples and quality standards


Session Four
Target Setting

  • Why set targets?
  • Quality standards for effective targets
  • The Balanced Scorecard - BSC
  • Common pitfalls when target setting
  • Operational plans
  • Exercises, examples, and quality standards


Session Five
Performance Linked Communication

  • What to communicate?
  • Performance monitoring and Feedback
  • Success guidelines and common pitfalls
  • Communication infrastructure
  • Exercises, examples, and Case Studies


Session Six
Implementation Theory - Guidelines and Pitfalls

  • Guidelines on how to put what you've learnt into action
  • How to identify pitfalls and avoid them during implementation


Session Seven
Implementation Practical

  • Exercises, examples and quality standards
  • What do I do on Monday morning?




Our Clients:

Cathay Pacific
Singapore Airlines

Three Free eBooks

All participants receive three ebooks to help them implement concepts from the Masterclass

  • What do I do on Monday Morning?
    What do I do on Monday morning is a daily guide to achieve organizational success and is an essential productivity publication created by Sacher Associates benefiting clients globally.
  • Performance Measures Applied (includes a workbook with practical exercises)
    A potent system for measuring and managing performance: individual performance, team performance, and organizational performance.With case studies and examples from both the private and public sectors, this is a practical book that enables you to build a performance measurement/management system that you can implement without delay.
  • Performance Linked Communication (includes a workbook with practical exercises)
    A performance management tool for getting the right information to the right people at the right time. It answers the question: Who needs what information, in what order, to do a good job by implementing a system that communicates the performance goals of the organisations to the people doing the work, and building the infrastructure to support this communication?

Free Books

Special Attendee bonuses

Significant discounts for additional attendees from the same organisation

Three free ebooks to help continue implementing what you learn in the course

10 hours of consulting time allocated to this course

Specially discounted coaching package offer, to ensure on the job implementation


See what our valued clients say:

Your presentation really resonated with the audience, both in terms of content - which was first class - and also your ability to connect with them It rated an average of 9.5 out of 10 which is exceptional! So attendees walked away having received good value.

Andrew Dalziel, Principal, High Growth Business Group

This is what we needed!
Sacher Associates told us HOW to solve our problems!

Mossman Central Mill Co.

In my view, the work we have done with Sacher Associates on improving and applying performance measures is the single most important development work our company has or will undertake for a long time.

Angliss Pacific Limited

The business had been set a difficult profit target and the continuing economic downturn, resulting in reduced revenue, reinforced this  situation.
The business was able to meet its profit target and return an 11 percent improvement on this target which, in financial terms, amounts to several millions of dollars.

South Eastern Power

Based on years of practical experience, this Masterclass is essential for those responsible for improving productivity and quality, and for everyone interested in gaining an insight and dispelling the mysteries that surround the subject.

Company Director Journal

Monty is an organisational and management expert. I do not use this word lightly. What he doesn't know about Change Management and the role of Culture in developing successful business outcomes is not worth knowing.
He has delivered increased productivity and profits in some of Australia's toughest work environments. Regularly reviewed in BRW, Monty has passion for what he does and it is positively infectious.

Gene Stark, The Marketing Network

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Course Delivery

The Masterclass is delivered as a 10-hour e-Learning Course over four two hour sessions with one two hour personal follow up session.

The sessions are conducted via Zoom Webinar / Video Conferencing. Delegates are required to have a working webcam and headset with microphone. For a smooth video conferencing experience, delegates should have an internet speed of at least 8Mbps download and 1.5Mbps upload speed.

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