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The Future of Organization Effectiveness
Nov 24, 2020

The Future of Organization Effectiveness Featured

Are you battling to succeed as an organizational leader? I don’t mean just surviving. I mean really thriving. Is your organizational energy aligned, flowing, synergistic? Do your team and organization have a unified sense of direction, (the unique contribution of the leader), a strategic plan effectively being implemented, a bulletproof measurement and performance management system that provides role clarity and accountability?

Do you have clear performance-linked communication and feedback to the team leaders and the workforce? Do you have a productivity-based reward system at all levels in the organization that results in a ratio of nine happy to one unhappy person, and not the other way around?

Do you have an effective team-based organization structure that provides for both the technical delivery of results as well as each team member feels he has an organizational “family” unit to which he can belong while at work?

Finally, and most importantly, are you achieving the above at least as well as anybody, anywhere, and not just your competitors?

The good news is that we now know with complete certainty exactly what any organization, in any industry, needs to do to achieve a world’s best practice performance culture. If you don’t believe me please watch these videos of our clients talking about the results they achieved using our methodology in six different industries.

Results: Manufacturing & Processing Industry
Results: Electricity Distribution Industry
Results: Mining Industry
Results: Safety, Logistics, Manufacturing, Electricity Distribution & Industry
Results: Electrictiy & Power Generation Industry

If you have not yet achieved the highest levels of organizational performance it is most probably because of one or more of three fundamental reasons:

1. You have not identified the 10 essential components and systems of the team and organizational performance.

 The secret to greater productivity is getting the basics right. Michael Jordan said it best:

Fundamentals were the most crucial part of my game in the NBA. Everything I did, everything I achieved, can be traced back to the way I approached the fundamentals and how I applied them to my abilities. They really are the basic building blocks or principles that make everything work.

Michael Jordan

2.You have not effectively implanted the 10 essential components and systems of the team and organizational performance.

A very wise man many years ago wrote a book called The Path of the Just. In the forward to the book he wrote:

I have written this work not to teach people what they do not know, but to remind them of what they already know and is very evident to them. You will find in most of my words only things which most people know and concerning which they have no doubts. But to the extent that they are well known and their truths revealed to all, so is forgetfulness in relation to them extremely prevalent.

M.C. Luzzatto

3. You have done some of the above, but you have skipped or ignored a few components and systems, or some of the teams in the organization.

Michael Jordan again:

I don’t care what you’re doing or what you’re trying to accomplish; you can’t skip fundamentals if you want to be the best. But some guys don’t want to deal with that. They’re looking for instant gratification, so maybe they skip a few steps. It’s like they’re so focused on composing a masterpiece they never master the scales.

Michael Jordan

More good news is that the technology to deliver measurable and sustained productivity and performance improvement at the unprecedented levels described above is now available. We not only know how to improve productivity we can now do it more productively. Discover our online consulting and learning platform.



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