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Workplace Wars. How to win.
Mar 01, 2021

Workplace Wars. How to win. Featured

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

Philosopher Henry David Thoreau

No problem in this world or beyond can withstand human beings, blessed with limitless potential, working effectively in organizations.  If people are productive at work, they are happier not just at work, but with their families and in society. My professional life is committed to simultaneously improving productivity and quality of working life, or how to win the Workplace Wars.

Significant numbers of workers today are miserable, unproductive and unengaged. A global poll by Gallup uncovered out of the world's one billion full-time workers, only 15% are engaged at work. That means an astronomical 85% are unhappy in their jobs, (Gallup. 3rd, December 2019). It is better in the U.S., at around 30% engaged, and roughly 70% not engaged.

The stakes are high. How much longer will we tolerate mediocrity, disorder, and incompetence from our leaders and organizations?  There are only two ways this can end: in victory or defeat.

We need to become conscious. There is a war going on. Not in a galaxy far, far away, or in a new millennium, but here and now, in the organizations of today.  I am not talking about healthy competition between competitors, or petty conflicts between individuals and teams within an organization. This is a cold, silent, desperate battle for the heart and soul of today’s organizations.

Today, organizations of all sizes are faced with a stark choice: adapt or go out of business. Those that can’t accommodate competitive pressures from all stakeholders, but especially customers and employees, will shut down. But those that create winning cultures and provide what we call total stakeholder satisfaction, will survive and thrive.

Success means different things to different people, whether it is job satisfaction, job security, more money, or an ideal lifestyle. Whatever success means to you, it is only achieved through team performance, executed one day at a time.

That is why I wrote my book, What do I do on Monday morning? To encourage individuals, teams, small to medium businesses, and large organizations, to focus more time, attention, and energy on team performance and people management.

Each month from February to November I will cover the 10 essential components and systems of team performance. In February I covered A Unified Sense of Direction and in March I  cover Strategy. To learn more about implementing a unified sense of direction and strategy see my blogs: Here:

It is not enough to know we are in a war, we need to know exactly what to do Monday morning to win.



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