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A great divide

A great divide

Yet today, a great divide is evident in both the public and private sectors worldwide. Those organizations that are not creating a work environment that provides total stakeholder satisfaction are being outperformed by those that can.

In the past, organizations could survive in poor work environments and without regard to employee needs or total stakeholder satisfaction which includes the satisfaction of worker needs. Yet today, a great divide is evident in both the public and private sectors worldwide. Those organizations that are not creating a work environment that provides total stakeholder satisfaction are being out-performed by those that can. To survive and thrive in the future, organizations have to be restructured in line with a better understanding of how organizations work and redesigned to accommodate the changing values and rising expectations of employees. Organizations need to adapt to the changing values and expectations of their stakeholders. This means the successful implementation of the basic components of team performance. 7

What do I do on Monday morning?

Starting with January the 1st, What do I do on Monday morning? lays out a template for performance improvement in sequenced and practical daily actions and advice. It covers the 10 essential components and systems necessary to optimize people's performance and contribution. Each month we cover a different component and in October we are covering the component of organization structure. A diagram of the 10 essential components of team performance and the systems of which they are a part appears at the end of this article.

This week I am covering what to do on Monday morning the 3rd of October to the 9th of October.

4th October

Perhaps the most important principle on which the economy of a manufacturer depends is the division of labor amongst the people who perform the work. 1 Charles Babbage

5th October
You better be lean before you play these games. 3 Jack Welch

The purpose of the organizational structure is to provide a framework for achieving the predetermined long-term goals or strategy of the organization. Many organizations are structured in a way that no longer supports the business strategy. The structure often does not accommodate opportunities or deal with threats arising from the internal or external environment, nor does it adequately provide for the achievement of the organization’s outputs and targets. There is no doubt that organization structure affects the levels of performance that an organization can achieve in pursuit of its strategy. 2

6th October
Traditional organization structures, characterized by strict rules and procedures and repetitive and alienating work, do not meet the needs of today’s employees. Today’s employees need a unified sense of direction, autonomy, variety, feedback on performance, mutual support, respect and scope to develop. 4

7th October
Traditional command-and-control forms of organization that have predominated in the twentieth-century industry are unable to respond quickly and creatively enough to meet the developing demands of consumers and emerging market opportunities: intelligent, networked forms of organization are needed. 5 Thomas Clarke and Stewart Clegg

8th October
There have been warnings of the many problems with the centralized, functionalized, matrixed approach – but they have gone unheeded in even the most astute management circles. 6 Bill Creech

9th October
The competitive advantage

Organizations that can provide a better working life for employees as well as be producing a better quality product for external customers are holding a competitive advantage. The divide is evident in productivity, performance and, in the end, survival.


What do I do on Monday morning? has been designed as a daily reference guide for improving the organizational performance of your business using the proven Sacher Associates systems. Published in Australia and globally it is now in its third print edition.

I have written this work not to teach people what they do not know, but to remind them of what they already know and is very evident to them. You will find in most of my words only things which most people know and concerning which they have no doubts. But to the extent that they are well known and their truths revealed to all, so is forgetfulness in relation to them extremely prevalent.

M.C. Luzzatto



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