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Monty is an exceptional business consultant with high expectations of himself and his range of services to exceed his clients’ needs. We encountered this through the "Self-Managed Teams' workshops in a previous organization that I worked and where the outcomes far exceeded what we were looking for in making 'change' to our operational functions. The outcomes of these workshops made significant improvements to our organizational outputs, measures, and targets. In addition to this, the morale of the workforce improved more than 100% on pre/post-workshop surveys. I would have no hesitation in recommending Monty to any other organization and also, to read his books on various business strategies.  Brian Peel

Sacher Associates Consulting Services division brings significant experience and expertise in the identification of clients' needs and the development of programs which deliver real, sustainable and measurable performance improvement. 

Our core work involves the development and translation of the organization’s vision, strategic goals, and values into the everyday outputs, measures and targets of the people doing the work. We are implementation experts providing assistance in the development and continuous improvement of the following essential performance systems at all levels of the organization. This results in measurable performance improvement against predetermined goals. 

Developing performance improvement systems is almost always part of the broader aim of creating an environment that lends itself to continuous performance improvement. This can sometimes be a very complex issue. A part of any solution will be the interrelationships between managers, supervisors and the workforce, systems processes and procedures, the satisfaction of critical training needs, and the development of a total team approach to performance improvement.

The ambitions contained within these aims and the wide scope of a typical performance improvement project are only two of the many reasons for using Sacher Associates. Our role is not to run courses or perform other activities that your internal people could do, but rather to make the overall project work. We are selling sustained bottom-line improvement, not pre-packaged solutions, programs or training courses. We work together with you in an open and consultative style to provide problem-solving capacity in excess of what either party could deliver alone.


Essential Performance Systems


 Organisation Development  Our work falls under the umbrella of  OD.

Our methodology addresses every component of performance in a systematic and holistic fashion, with a rapid implementation approach to ensure that only the necessary components are addressed. Our approach is also designed to ensure the rapid transfer of expertise to your organization through various channels such as manuals, pre-work, workshops, learning programs, consulting, surveys and the use of technology.  

Our professional consulting services provide a disciplined analysis of the performance environment and current organization performance systems, as well as implementation services to ensure productivity improvements and a solid return on investment. 


Professional Services

Our professional services are based on the following principles:

  • Acquiring an in-depth understanding of your organization. We believe that a solid appreciation of the organizational culture is a critical first step in the consulting process.
  • Working jointly with you in an open and consultative style to define problems and issues, propose solutions and directions and to implement agreed actions.
  • Providing a firm basis for us to pass on our knowledge, techniques and skills to your representatives to provide the necessary "in-house" ability to solve similar issues in the future and provide for continuous improvement.